Meet The Makers

Our Makers

Our makers come from a small, rural village high in the foothills above the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. Nearly all of them lost their homes during the 2015 earthquake and have been struggling to rebuild their lives.

By paying an above-average wage that is higher than most fair trade organizations in Nepal, and reinvesting 5% of sales into our makers' communities, we help women gain access to essential services and more comfortable living standards.

Our Makers

Chameli Tamang

Family’s breadwinner. Dreams of building a proper house for her son.

Kailee Tamang

Mother of four. Aspires to become an expert knitter.

Hira Krishna Lama

Mother of three. Working to ensure her children’s education.

Sarita Shrestha

Mother of two. Working to provide for their basic needs and education.

Rabina Shrestha

College student. Dreams of becoming a business woman.

Sapana Shrestha

Helping her sister gain an education. Dreams of becoming a fashion designer.

Ram Kumari Shrestha

Goat farmer and knitter. Working to rebuild her family's home lost in the earthquake.

Durga Laxmi Shrestha

Kindergarten teacher. Dreams of a better life for her two children.

Shanti Shrestha

Living in a temporary shelter. Providing for family's basic needs.

Srijana Shrestha

Waited ten years to have a child. Now works to provide her daughter with an education.

Sushila Manandhar

Single mother. Sells homemade snacks from the front window of her home.

Yuzin "Sita" Tamang

Entrepreneur and seamstress . Dreams of becoming a fashion designer.

Sarita Lama

Mother of one. Working to provide her child's education and school fees.