Ram Kumari Shrestha

Ram Kumari is 36 years old and has obtained about a U.S. 5th grade equivalent level of education. She has never married and lives with her mother and two sisters. Her father passed away ten years ago from throat cancer. When the 2015 earthquake hit Nepal, Ram Kumari and her family lost their home and all their possessions were buried inside. For a long time after, they struggled to uncover items from the rubble, but were not able to find everything. Her sewing machine, which she used to sew custom orders from local villagers, was also destroyed (it has since been replaced by a kind donor). Ram Kumari now provides a living for herself through goat farming and knitting. With her earnings, she plans to look after the family’s basic needs and buy clothing and some personal belongings for herself. She dreams of building a proper house to live in because life is so hard right now, but says “we are surviving.”