Sarita Lama

Sarita is 31 years old and was married at the age of 22. She has received some education, up to about a U.S. 6th grade equivalent. Unlike most women in her community, Sarita did not have an arranged marriage, but married for love. Her husband is a hotel cook and they have one son who is 7 years old and attends school. Their home was able to withstand the brutality of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, and only suffered a few cracks. Sarita has always wanted to learn how to knit and wants to become skilled in this craft. The money that she earns from knitting will go to pay for her son’s school fees and school uniforms. Her greatest goal is for her son to be a good person and well educated so that he can look after her when she is old. In her free time, Sarita helps her son with his homework and likes to watch Indian soap operas on television. She wants people to know that she stays up very late knitting our products and is working very hard!