Hira Krishna Lama


Hira was 14 years old when she entered an arranged marriage. By age 18, she had suffered three miscarriages, all of them almost full-term. When she turned 20, she had her first live birth, a daughter who is now 21. She later gave birth to another daughter who is 17 and a son who is 15 and has a mental disorder. Her husband works as a driver in Kathmandu while Hira spends her time goat farming and greenhouse farming with her son. Their home was badly damaged in the 2015 earthquake in Nepal and they currently live in a temporary tin shelter. The money that Hira earns will help in every sector of her life. She says it will help her live a happier life and will hopefully enable her to build a proper home to live in. She is working to ensure that her children obtain an education, something that she never received herself.