Srijana Shrestha

Srijana is 34 years old and has obtained about a U.S. 2nd grade equivalent level of education. She regrets that she was not able to continue. She married at the age of 17, and has one daughter who is 7-years old. Her husband works as a local bus driver. She experienced much ridicule from family members who were superstitious because she did not become pregnant for the first ten years of marriage. After visiting many doctors and hospitals, Srijana finally became pregnant and gave birth to her daughter. Like many in her village, Srijana recalls the 2015 earthquake in Nepal as her most tragic memory, when her family lost their home. They now live in a temporary shelter. With her income from knitting, she hopes to improve the family’s economic status and look after her daughter properly. She dreams of her daughter becoming a great person one day.