Sushila Manandhar


Sushila lives with her 10-year old daughter in a small tin shelter. Their home and all of their possessions were destroyed in the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. One of these items was her sewing machine which she used to sew custom clothing orders. It has since been replaced by a kind donor and she will once again be able to provide extra income for herself and daughter. She also sells homemade snacks out of her front window to those who pass by her home. The last few years have been particularly difficult for Sushila. Her husband, whom she had an arranged marriage to when she was 23, decided to take a second wife a few years ago and abandoned Sushila and their daughter. After the earthquake occurred, Sushila stayed with her in-laws who treated her very badly, sometimes withholding food for up to three days. From the kindness of other friends, they were able to survive. Sushila dreams of educating her daughter properly so that her daughter can one day care for her. She has no dreams for a home, but wants to start saving the money she earns from knitting. When asked what keeps her going through these difficulties, Sushila stated: “Life is like this. I am strong. I can get through this.”