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Woody, Hazel and Little Pip

$17.95 USD

Elsa Beskow's books have been beloved by children for over 100 years. This one details the adventure of some tiny forest folk, Woody and Little Pip, as they wander away from home one blustery autumn day, causing much distress to their poor mother, Mrs. Acorn. As she laments to her friend Mrs. Hazelnut over coffee, Mr. Squirrel stops by and offers to help find the naughty children. But little does he know that little Hazel has hidden herself in his bushy tail and comes along for the search! He discovers the stowaway later and tells Hazel to stay put while he does the searching. Of course, curiosity gets the best of her and she wanders around the forest, meeting many of the other inhabitants and dealing with her own challenges as she searches for her friends. All is well in the end and the children turn up safe and sound, much to their mother’s relief!

• Hardcover

• 32 pages

• Ideal for ages 4-8 years

Of Special Note: 10% of sales from this book will be used to fund the educational needs of children living in rural Nepal. Working directly with our makers there, we will be an active part of ensuring that all donated funds will go to improving their village school, including hiring of teachers, providing school supplies, and sponsoring children that would otherwise be financially unable to receive an education. We thank you for partnering with us in helping Nepal’s rising generation!

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