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Forest Pullover (Fawn)

$124.00 USD

Inspired by the tree-covered hills that surround our home in the Pacific Northwest, this collection features a small forest scene illuminated by moonlight. Completely hand knit and hand embroidered by our talented women makers in rural Nepal. Made with 100% pure Merino wool that has been ethically produced from start to finish in Uruguay and dyed with Oeko-Tex certified colorants. Due to the hand dyed nature of the yarn, each piece has slightly unique variegated coloring and no two are exactly alike.

Carefully hand-embroidered with Peruvian Highland wool and finished with wooden buttons made from the Allo plant of Nepal's mountain regions. A truly special heirloom piece made with thoughtfulness and the very best intentions, each piece also includes a printed tag with the photo and name of the makers as well as directions to our "Meet the Makers" page where we share each of their stories.