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The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes

$17.99 USD
I loved this book as a child, but its message resonates even more with me as a mother now. Little Country Bunny grows up with big dreams of becoming one of the chosen five Easter Bunny to work at the Palace of Easter Eggs. Despite the naysayers, she holds her dream in her heart, but life has other plans. Soon she finds herself a busy mother of 21 baby bunnies to care for, which she does with love and tenderness. She teaches them hard work and each grows up learning the responsibilities of keeping a home.
Then one day, one of the Easter Bunnies passes away and a replacement is needed. But is Country Bunny past her prime? Could she possibly be the one chosen to fulfill this coveted role? And indeed she is, selected by Grandfather Bunny for her kindness and cleverness. She faithfully reports for duty on the appointed day and is given a most special task. It is difficult, and at one point she almost gives up, wondering if she has made a mistake after all. It is then that Grandfather Bunny arrives and gifts her with the most exquisite pair of gold shoes that can make her fly! After a successful mission, she returns home to her own dear babies and prepares for a magical morning together.

• Hardcover

• 48 pages

• Ideal for ages 4-7

Of Special Note: 10% of sales from this book will be used to fund the educational needs of children living in rural Nepal. Working directly with our makers there, we will be an active part of ensuring that all donated funds will go to improving their village school, including hiring of teachers, providing school supplies, and sponsoring children that would otherwise be financially unable to receive an education. We thank you for partnering with us in helping Nepal’s rising generation!

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