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Fanny & Alexander

Wooden Binoculars

$48.00 USD

Can you see the cloud that looks just like a brontosaurus? Is that an egg hatching in the treetop bird's nest? Peeping through the lenses of your very own binoculars, you can see as far as your imagination can go. Made in warm, durable rubber and Sapele teak woods, with an adjustable center hinge for a perfect fit on faces of all sizes, the binoculars are an essential tool for any budding birdwatcher, sleuth or explorer. Made in Argentina.

Fanny & Alexander creates heirloom-quality toys are crafted from thoughtfully sourced hardwoods and soft leather. Elements are carved from contrasting woods rather than being painted, so they are completely natural and safe for even the youngest children to enjoy. Each toy is individually assembled and meticulously checked to ensure it meets their rigorous standards — and, of course, is able to endure years of use and love. Every one of their simple, enduring toys is designed to stimulate the imagination, foster creativity and encourage exploration.