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Prairie Cardigan (Child)

$140.00 USD

Inspired by the vast fields and plains crossed on foot by our American ancestors after leaving the comforts of their old home behind in search of a new one in the western United States. Facing difficult circumstances including cold, fatigue, sickness, hunger and even death, these brave men, women and children ventured into the unknown. They had no real sense of where they were headed, what it would look like, or what resources they would find when they got there. But still they went across those endless prairies, knowing all the while that there was no going back. Onward was the only option. Their stories have inspired and encouraged us as we work toward a brighter future.

Each sweater is a wearable work of art, completely hand knit and hand embroidered by our talented women makers in rural Nepal who are paid a living wage. Made with 100% pure undyed Merino wool that has been ethically produced from start to finish in Uruguay.

Carefully hand-embroidered with wool yarn and finished with wooden buttons made from the Allo plant of Nepal's mountain regions. A truly special heirloom piece made with thoughtfulness and the very best intentions, each piece also includes a printed tag with the photo and name of the makers as well as directions to our "Meet the Makers" page where we share each of their stories.