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Oversized Shirt (Olive)

$32.00 USD Regular price $54.00

A comfortable top with an oversized cut, wide sleeves and a small front pocket. The back is held together with herringbone tapes* to make a cute little bow on the back. Each piece is made with Lillu's signature 100% organic cotton muslin and has gone through a special washing with a unique scent. 

* the herringbone tapes are stitched together to ensure the safety rules. You can open them with little scissors carefully before using the article.

Material & Care: Machine wash at 30°C. Cotton peeling happens and is not a quality defect.

Based in Germany, Liilu creates timeless, sustainable children's clothing made from organic muslin - pure and simple like childhood should be. All clothes are made in Portugal with minimalistic designs and generous sizing to enable freedom of movement. With soft colors, subtle textures and versatility, this brand has become one of our very favorites.