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Modeling Beeswax (Set of 6)

$20.00 USD

With its pleasant beeswax scent and perfectly clean handling, this is an ideal material for modeling. Scent, color and consistency work together when molding and invite children to experience creating while using all of their senses.

The warmth of the hands melts the wax and makes it malleable; when the wax hardens, the luminosity and fine brilliance remain. The little works of art maintain their beauty and charm and can be reshaped again and again. Perfect for home use or taking with you when your child needs a quiet activity to occupy them at the grocery store, restaurant or waiting in line!

Comes in 6 luminous colors based on Goethe's "Theory of Colors":

color: 00 ivory | 01 carmine red | 04 golden yellow | 07 green | 09 blue | 13 rust