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Eliv Rosenkranz

Letterpress Print "A Mother's Hug"

$22.00 USD

A simple yet profound expression of the tender love between a mother and child. Letterpress printed illustration on beautiful white handmade paper and part of series of three prints celebrating this special parental relationship. A5 size (approximately 5.6 x 8.3 inches or 148 x 210 mm). Best displayed in a floating frame or alone to highlight the deckled paper edges! Made in Austria.

Eliv Rosenkranz products are slowly crafted in a small Austrian village through a delicate and time consuming process. First, a soft cotton fiber mixture is made and formed into a formula for paper, then pigment is chosen and mixed carefully followed by several additions of other elements to guarantee the very highest quality paper. These small steps insure that the paper will be firm and keep ink from bleeding. A frame then pulls paper sheets from a large tub of the cotton mixture. This is the most important moment where the shape, size, feel and heaviness of the paper is decided. Each stack is then put into a hydraulic press until most of the water has been eliminated and is hung, sheet by sheet, onto a clothesline or placed to dry on a wooden board. When the paper is fully dry, it is pressed for a second time, then left to fully dry overnight, until it is thin, smooth, luxurious and perfect for writing.