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Forest Sounds Wooden Rattles (Set of 3)

$58.00 USD

Simple and minimalist heirloom rattles made from beech, maple and walnut woods. "Rustle" is filled with corn grain, which gives a pleasant sound while shaking. "Crackle" is a dynamic toy, where square moving elements produce a nice sound while rotating. "Rumble" features rings that make a sound reminiscent of a waterfall rumbling. Does not contain any varnishes or paints. Each rattle is unique and wood colors vary. Made in Ukraine.

LisLis is based in Ukraine and believes that good toys always leave some space for a child’s creativity. This principle of simplicity is reflected in their designs, the choice of raw materials and the approach to production. The natural textures of wood - instead of bright colors. Abstract forms - instead of intricate details. Hand-finished toys - instead of automated production.