Cloudwatching Art Print

$20.00 USD

These two gulligulls are thick as thieves. Whatever the weather, you can catch them outside, laying in the grass and gazing at the sky. From fluffy earthquake clouds, to the unmistakable cumulus, this pair are fascinated by all things meteorological. And after spending a short time in their company, it's totally infectious. A4 size print on 100% recycled heavy card stock.

Care: The Gulligulls are printed using the highest quality papers and archival inks to guard against fading. In order to keep them in tip-top condition, make sure they're kept away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture for prolonged periods of time. They will love you forever.

After a long time of watercolour painting, designing one-off paper products, studying psychology, gender & sexuality, and raising an excellent human of her own, Mama Gulligull bought a box of vintage Christmas decorations from a charity shop. inspired by the simplicity, nostalgia and brilliant hats of the little figures, the Gulligulls are digitally hand-drawn by Mama Gulligull from her little blue house in Lincoln, U.K.