Carlotta Dress (Light Green + Square Print)

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The Carlotta dress has a nostalgia to it that is not readily seen in modern clothes; harkening back to when clothes were made beautifully and made to last, a design like the Carlotta might well have been the only nice dress a little one might have. Now, our lucky children have several more options but we believe the Carlotta is one you’ll both reach for again and again. 100% organic cotton double muslin. Ethically made in Portugal.

Omibia Ltd is a family business operated by Mercedes, working in the heart of the Sussex countryside in rural England. After having her first child in 2007, Mercedes found herself becoming more conscious about what she ate, what she wore and how she lived. Her greatest discovery has been "the importance of following the natural processes of things" – to be respectful and compassionate towards our planet, ourselves and all other inhabitants. Following her degree in Fashion Design at London’s Central Saint Martins, Mercedes ‘learnt the ropes’ of the fashion industry while working for various prestigious fashion companies, around the world. Omibia is Mercedes' expression of her love for the beauty and simplicity of all things natural, made with love, care, consideration and passion.