C is for Curiosity Art Print

$20.00 USD

C is for curiosity, canoeing at sunrise and cuckoo clocks. This curious little gulligull questions everything and spends most of her time buried in books and blankets. With a thirst for knowledge, her mind is rarely still but she is a considered soul with a penchant for paper hats. She carries two flags, signaling the 'c' for curiosity in the telegraphic system of semaphore. A4 size print on 100% recycled heavy card stock.

Care: The Gulligulls are printed using the highest quality papers and archival inks to guard against fading. In order to keep them in tip-top condition, make sure they're kept away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture for prolonged periods of time. They will love you forever. Print is 

After a long time of watercolour painting, designing one-off paper products, studying psychology, gender & sexuality, and raising an excellent human of her own, Mama Gulligull bought a box of vintage Christmas decorations from a charity shop. inspired by the simplicity, nostalgia and brilliant hats of the little figures, the Gulligulls are digitally hand-drawn by Mama Gulligull from her little blue house in Lincoln, U.K.