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Knotwork LA

Baby Rattle (Round)

$65.00 USD

Smooth to the touch and easy for baby to grasp, these gentle wooden rattles are an ideal first toy for baby. Three beautiful woods to choose from (Walnut, Cherry and Oak) and in a round or carabiner shape. Each rattle has been thoroughly sanded, steamed to raise the grain, sanded again, then treated with multiple coats of beeswax finish. Comes in a cloth drawstring pouch with a 1 oz. jar of woodwax.

Care: Do not boil, bleach, or soak the rattles. They can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a sponge or cloth and allowed to dry naturally, or simply cleaned with an antibacterial wipe when necessary. The finish will gradually wear off, but can restored with the jar of woodwax or any other food-safe finish.

Knotwork LA is a creative studio run by Linda Hsiao, a freelance industrial designer whose many passions include gardening, cooking, ceramics and woodcarving have grown into a line of whimsical and precious objects made for the home. The wooden rattle was the birth of Knotwork LA as a collaboration between Linda Hsiao and Kagan Taylor. Each one is lovingly handmade in small batches in their spare time.