Mothering advice from our makers in Nepal

Mothering advice from our makers in Nepal

A happiest Mother's Day to you all! We were curious to know what sort of advice is passed down from family members and friends to new moms in Nepal – do they share the same tidbits that we have received ourselves or that we would pass on to others? We asked five of our makers who are also mothers a few questions about this and loved reading their responses. We hope you do, too! 

What is the best advice you have ever received?

CHAMELI: My mom always told me to eat nutritious foods while I was pregnant and she keeps telling me!

SHANTI SHRESTHA: My mom advised me on how to give a good bath to a baby, without making him cry.

SRIJANA: Be happy always, the time will come for everything. I didn't conceive for a long time after I was married, but when the time came, it happened! So yes, be happy!

SUSHILA: Work hard for anything you want to achieve.

SHANTI SHAKYA: To be independent.

What advice would you give to a new mother?

CHAMELI: Always take good care of your baby and don't forget yourself, too.

SHANTI SHRESTHA: Do not panic with anything that comes your way in motherhood. Be strong and face them all. There will be lots of problems, but happiness too.

SRIJANA: Love your baby and family.

SUSHILA: If you are a first time mom or mom to be, ask the experienced ones if you don't know what to do and you need help.

SHANTI SHAKYA: Be brave and look after your child. Do not neglect them, even if there is a small scratch on your baby – it could be worse if you do.

What has been the hardest thing about motherhood?

CHAMELI: To control my son because he is so naughty around my neighborhood.

SHANTI SHRESTHA: To look after your child all the time, even when you had to work.

SRIJANA: For me, being a mother was not hard. It was hard before I was pregnant, feeling that I wanted to be a mother and opinions from family and society.

SUSHILA: Since I am a single mother, it is really hard for me to earn money to look after my child's education and overall expenses.

SHANTI SHAKYA: Labor pain was so hard for me to bear for the first time. For the second time, I had an operation which I felt was easier.

What has been the best thing about motherhood?

CHAMELI: To see my baby smiling and just being happy to be with him.

SHANTI SHRESTHA: To be a mom to both of my sons.

SRIJANA: To see my girl for the first time.

SUSHILA: To be a mom is the best thing ever.

SHANTI SHAKYA: To be a mom is the best thing.

What do you hope your children will learn from you?

CHAMELI: Learn good habits from me.

SHANTI SHRESTHA: My sons are already living a happy life with their own small families, so I wish they will always be happy.

SRIJANA: I wish my daughter would learn how to cook good food from me.

SUSHILA: I wish my daughter would learn from my mistake on whom to choose for her life partner.

SHANTI SHAKYA: The mistakes I have done in my life until now, I wish my children do not repeat them and learn from looking at mine. 

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