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Early Riser Companion Book

$40.00 USD

Every so often, a book crosses your path that reinvigorates and inspires you to do better. This was the case for us with the Early Riser Companion book by Elizabeth Antonia. Think of it as a one-of-a-kind reference manual for parenting that will set the most beautiful tone starting at birth and going through the first 7 years of childhood. A perfect gift for new (and seasoned!) parents as they navigate family life.


  • Beautiful photo essays with accompanying poems or reflections on that celebrate childhood and the transformation we undergo as we strive to parent consciously
  • Delicious seasonal recipes to make with your children
  • Creating a morning circle time
  • Songs and finger rhymes to learn with your little ones for each season 
  • Original content and artwork that weaves magic and imagination into each section and reminds us that peace begins at home 
  • Journaling to create a family manifesto - what is the soul of your family?  
  • A rhythm wheel that can be used with your children to create a daily and weekly schedule
  • An "Around the Year" Section that is a mini-reference book with ideas for holiday celebrations, reflexology for children, easy yoga and mindfulness practices, herbal wellness recipes (herbal tonics, natural electrolytes, cough remedies) as well as thoughts on self-care, ayurvedic remedies, creating a nature table, and weaving anchor points of tradition and ritual throughout each season.